Why Pilates & Barre


There are so many reasons to do Pilates & Barre!  We've listed what we feel is the top dozen below to inspire you to try Pilates and see the difference it makes in your fitness, your self-esteem, your daily activities and your overall quality of life! 

For more on why doing Pilates & Barre in our studio is different then everywhere else in the Valencia / Santa Clarita area, please also visit our Why Complete page where we go into more detail about our studio and our methods.


1. Pilates is Fitness for the Entire Body

Unlike some other forms of exercise, Pilates develops the entire body, not just some parts.  Pilates does focus on core strength, but is also trains the body as an itegrated whole.  Pilates workouts promote balanced muscle development and strength as well as flexibility and an increased range of motion!  We don't realize all of the parts of the body that need to work together for us to perform even the most simple daily tasks....and Pilates makes sure that each and every part of your body continues to work together.   

2. Pilates is Adaptable to any Fitness Level and Need

Whether you are just starting to exercise for the first time, an athlete, or somewhere in between, Pilates adapts to your needs and current condition.  Since Pilates focuses on proper alignment of your body, building your core stregnth from the inside out, and on a helping you gain better awareness of your body, it applies equally to everyone.  Each person starts at their own level and builds from that point up, and the Pilates training adapts to each and every milestone you achieve. 

Injuries, medical conditions, pregnancy, are all things that may limit you from most forms of exercise.  However, because Pilates is modified just for your body and your current condition, you can continue to gain benefits by doing Pilates (of course, with your Doctor's approval).  

3. Pilates Creates Strength Without Size

Other forms of exercise, like weightlifting, focus on building both muscle strength and muscle size.  However, the goal of Pilates is to build toned muscles that work in perfect unison together, which then allows a person to be able to perform any daily activities that they desire...whether that's picking up your baby, playing a game of tennis, getting groceries out of your car, or climbing a ladder to change a light bulb.  Pilates will help you to create long, lean, strong muscles that will keep you healthy and looking great!

4. Pilates Develops Core Strength

Did you know that your core muscles are located in your back, abdomen and pelvic floor area?  These are the very muscles we rely on for some many things, including our posture, our back health, and our ability to move freely and without pain.  When our core is strong, our body is best, and most importanty, equally supported.  This allows our neck and shoulders to relax, freeing the rest of our muscles and joints to do their jobs - and not more.  And YES...an incredible benefit of building this core strength is that it promotes those flat ABS we all want and love!

5. Pilates Increases Flexibility

Reduced flexibility significantly increases your injury risks.  Pilates is designed to safely increase the length and stretch of your muscles and your range of motion.    You won't find the type of "pretzel" stretching normally associated with Yoga, but Pilates makes make sure that you are able to stretch and bend enough to ensure that you can do everything you want in life, while minimizing your potential for injury.  

6. Pilates Improves Posture

Good body alignment leads to good posture and ensures that your body can move as freely as possible.  As you strengthen your core, your body comes into better alignment, and your posture improves.  This is the first thing people will notice about you when you take Pilates...you will stand taller, with better posture, and will look more fit!  But looks aside, you'll know that strength you have gained inside your body is now showing outsite...an awe-inspiring feeling!

7. Pilates Increases Energy

Pilates gets your circulation moving, stimulates your muscles, and floods your body with the incredible feelings you get while exercising.  These feelings increase your physical and mental energy, motivating you to work out more!  The more you do Pilates, the better you look and feel!  

8. Pilates Promotes Weight Loss

Pilates will truly change your body.  It creates long, lean muscles and a leaner looking body.  As your muscle tone improves, your balance increases, your posture comes into alignment and you move freely, without pain, you'll not only look incredible, but you will feel incredible too!  

The formula for weight loss remains the same (burn more calories than you take in).  As one of the few forms of exercise that work the entire body, Pilates maximizes your calorie burn.  Combined with Pilates Barre or other form of cardio activity, Pilates is the perfect weight loss and body toning program

9. Pilates Increases Body Awareness

In Pilates, we practice each and every exercise with total attention.  You learn what your body can do, and what the proper movements are for each part of your body.  This awareness of the way your body functions, with both it's limitations and it's maximum potential, allows you to better function in your daily life, while avoiding injury.

10. Pilates isn't Just One Type of Class

From Mat Pilates, to Pilates Group Equipment classes, to Pilates Barre classes, there are some many variations of Pilates for you to try.  Just one, try them all, you'll never get bored and you will always be challenged as each class can be modified to fit your needs.   

11. Pilates Helps you Sleep Better

Improper alignment causes an enormous amount of sleep issues, whether it's conscious (you can't get comfortable in bed) or unconscious (where your body doesn't fully relax and you wake up in pain).  As Pilates both aligns your body AND works all of your muscles, you go to bed pain free and muscle fatigued (in a good way).  This helps you sleep soundly through the night...allowing you to wake up refreshed for you day (and hopefully more Pilates!) 

12. Pilates is Great for Sex

Yes, we said better sex!  Stronger pelvic core muscles, stronger Abs, reduced body pain...all of these increase your ability to perform and enjoy being intimate!  Additionally, the increased body awareness and self-confidence you gain through your Pilates training increases leads to less worrying about your body and more enjoying the experience!


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Why Complete



Why is Pilates so great for dancers?



By practicing Pilates methods, dancers are now able even more able to control the movement of their bodies because of the precise flow between exercises that is taught in Pilates.  Pilates teaches dancers to be even stronger and more precise during these transitions, which in turn, builds their strength and stamina.  In other words, Pilates training helps dancers to become stronger, more flexible and more accurate with their movements.

Additionally, Dancers who use Pilates breathing methods benefit greatly when they have a demanding performance.  Dancing is taxing on the body, requiring a great amount of stamina to look elegant through an entire performance. Pilates' breathing is technically described as "posterior lateral breathing", meaning breathing deep into the back and sides the rib cage. Pilates stregthens and trains the deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles that assist in strong, controlled breathing as well as teaching dancers how to maximize their movement while breathing. 

By practicing Pilates techniques, dancers have the strength to withstand any performance! Through these techniques, dancers nowadays have an advantage of being stronger and more prepared than ever before.


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