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Benefits of Working Out as a Couple

Feb 2015

People comment all the time that my husband and I are a "superfit couple." That's because we both take fitness very seriously and enjoy it immensely. But we're also very much in love and have a great marriage. We work hard to stay fit and youthful for each other and to be around a long time for our children.

Working out with your spouse/partner is a great way for both of you to get in shape. In fact, studies show that couples tend to mirror each other's health habits. Article after article in fitness publications tell us that couples that exercise together have a higher chance of staying together. Some experts even think it is because the couples are "playing" together in a physical way (outside of the bedroom), which they believe lowers stress, increases happiness and strengthens their bond.

Here are four reasons it makes good sense to work out as a couple:

Creates "Us" Time
How often do you and your partner complain that you don't spend enough quality time together? When you work out as a couple it doesn't feel like a chore or an obligation. It's an activity you get to share that feels great and strengthens your bond.

Keeps You Moving
When one of you is tired or feeling lazy, the other partner can boost your morale and cheer you on. How often do you get to cheer your spouse on? With our busy lives we often forget to be that cheerleader for our spouse...but it feels so good coming from the person you love the most!

Shows You Care
There is no single better way to demonstrate your love for your spouse than by investing time, energy, and commitment in your health and your fitness. It's a beautiful way of saying, "I love you."

Reduces Stress
Life is stressful, and relationships can be too. But we've found that working out together is a great way to release pent-up frustration. By the end of a vigorous workout session with your partner, you will both feel relaxed and happy. For us, it's better than couples counseling!

Of all exercise programs, Pilates is our choice!

We love doing Pilates together and have found that it creates a sense of balance and well-being in our lives. We're first hand proof that that, when couples participate in Pilates activities together, their bond grows stronger!



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