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May 2016

Although Pilates has been around for many years, relatively few people actually understand how beneficial it is to people of all fitness levels.  The machines may look scary and intimidating, but that quickly goes away when you have certified instructors working with you every step of the way.  That's why Complete Pilates is designed to provide their clients with individualized attention – each time, every time.  With their small class sizes (typically 3-5 people) and a warm, inviting setting, Complete Pilates utilizes one-on-one teaching techniques to give you the best opportunity to achieve your goals, improve your health and look your best!

"We can't stress this enough!  Individualized attention really differentiates us from all the other Pilates studios in the SCV," said Owner Suzi Smith.  "Even in our Pilates group classes, the attention you receive will always feel like a private Pilates appointment.  We don't ever teach Pilates from the front of the room; we are always hands on, and you'll always know we are paying close attention to everything you do."

Under the care of their certified professional instructors, Complete Pilates is the perfect way to get back into an exercise routine, recover from injuries, safely exercise with pre-existing conditions, and regain your ability to live your life to its fullest.

After only a few sessions you'll be standing up taller with better posture. "This instantly makes you appear slimmer, and that extra confidence implores you to work harder!" Suzi said.  "Once that ball is rolling, you'll be excited and motivated about your health and that leads to things like  making better choices about what you eat!"

Complete Pilates offers: small group Pilates equipment classes; calorie crushing Pilates and barre classes; Pilates for dancers classes, and solo, duo and special trio private Pilates sessions.

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