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Three Reasons People Are Afraid To Try Pilates — And Why You Shouldn’t Be - Part 3

Dec 2016

Last month we dispelled the rumors that you'll look stupid/awkward/feel embarrassed/or won't be good at it. Today, in our 3rd and final article, we look at the 3nd reason people are afraid of Pilates

• Reason #3 – I don't have the right body type or I'm too old

The creator of Pilates had big dreams. He envisioned Pilates studios on every corner, in every city, all over the world. He knew his methodologies were sound. There were built on the foundation that anyone and everyone...from kids to seniors, from athletes to coach potatoes, from sedimentary office workers to those on the go all day, from ballerinas to stay at home moms...could all equally use and benefit from his methods.

As we have discussed, a true Pilates class is adapted for each person, each time. It's for this very reason that your body type or age will never limit your ability to obtain an incredible workout that challenges you and makes your so much healthier! When you walk into a Pilates class, you will instantly see the diversity...and as you take classes, you will see that your workouts are so focused on you, that it will never matter what anyone else looks like...or what age they are.

Always keep in mind that, unlike some other forms of exercise, which push you towards some elusive goal, Pilates is about building and maintaining a stronger body that allows you to do anything you want in life. In fact, the creator didn't talk about muscles, he didn't talk about looking like a supermodel, he didn't talk about being young or old...he talked about achieving and maintaining optimal health, no matter one's age, one's body type, and one's conditions.

I promise you that when your health is optimized, and you are feeling shows on you, no matter your body type or your age! It also allows you to participate in anything and everything you want to do...and that is really what life is about (not being self-limited), isn't it?

So, repeat after me...

1 – Pilates is just for dancers and women – FALSE!

2 - I'll look awkward/feel embarrassed and won't be good at it – FALSE!

3 – I don't have the right body type or I am too old – FALSE!


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