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Keep fit while recovering from injury or limitations

Jun 2015

We've most likely all experienced some sort of injury or limitation that has impacted our ability to live a rewarding, active lifestyle. This is even more frustrating if you love to keep fit, but are suddenly unable to do your normal fitness routine. When recovering, it's hard to know what form of exercise is safe, what form of exercise will speed recovery, and what to do after being in Physical Therapy but still not fully recovered.

Pilates is the answer as it addresses all of these questions!

Pilates has become so popular because it is safe to do with almost any injury or limitation. Pilates studios can work with clients after knee and hip replacements, after back, shoulder, wrist or foot surgery, after a stroke, with MS, vertigo, scoliosis, whiplash, herniated discs, compression fractures, Osteoporosis/Osteopenia, during radiation treatments, after a Mastectomy, after broken bones and more.

Those of us who have gone to Physical Therapy know how important a tool it is in your recovery after an injury. However, Physical Therapy is usually short-term and is normally designed to rehabilitate the injury itself shortly after it occurs, or after surgery. Even more frustrating, is the fact that often were aren't even given the option of Physical Therapy and have to recover on our own.

Let's make something very clear...Pilates Instructors are not physical therapists. In fact, they are trained to maximize your workout while making sure to avoid the injured area. No amount of pain is considered OK in Pilates. Unlike the more common expression, "No pain, No gain", Pilates studios have a strict focus on "No pain, No pain!"

Pilates is truly the natural "next step" in the recovery process, as it bridges the gap between what Physical Therapy started and your ultimate full recovery. Additionally, if you aren't offered Physical Therapy, Pilates is the perfect way to start your recovery. An experienced Pilates trainer will modify exercises specifically for you, allowing you to recover, or work within your limitations, at your own pace. Most importantly, Pilates will help to correct any muscle imbalances and muscle tightness that could have either contributed to your injury/limitation, or that have occurred because of your injury limitation.

Pilates is the answer to your recovery and good health!

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