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Three Reasons People Are Afraid To Try Pilates — And Why You Shouldn’t Be - Part 2

Nov 2015

Last month we dispelled the rumors that Pilates was just for Dancers and Women. Today we look at the 2nd reason people are afraid of Pilates.

Reason #2 – I'll look stupid/awkward/feel embarrassed/or won't be good at it

Yes, anytime you try something completely new, you are going to have some anxiety about it. We all have different learning curves that are based on many factors.

This is exactly why I so believe in Pilates! Pilates, by design, minimizes your anxiety by maximizing your potential based on your own body. Because a good Pilates instructor learns about your body, your experience level and any conditions you may have, that instructor is able to create routines that make you feel comfortable and secure, while still being challenged. Each individual, in every class, is being challenged to a routine specifically designed for them, so they don't ever have to worry that someone else is watching or judging them. They are just too busy focusing on their own routine! You also don't have to worry about being bad at it, because you will always work within your own ability you will always be good at it!

An important thing to note – be sure to use a Pilates studio that focuses on small, individualized groups (3-5 people), rather than studios that have large groups (10+ people), as a small group ensures that your instructor can work with you individually, rather than teach from the front of the class. This will make sure that you don't feel awkward and that you always are confident in every movement you are doing during each exercise.

Unlike some other forms of exercise, which push you towards some elusive goal, Pilates is about building and maintaining a stronger body that allows you to do anything you want in life. Want to go to the gym and lift weights, take hikes, run around with your kids/grandkids, and even something as simple as climb a ladder to change a light bulb? Pilates can help you will of these and more...all while you know you are doing the safest form or exercise out there!

Stay tuned next month for the 3rd and Final Reason why people are afraid of Pilates – "I don't have the right body type or I'm too old"

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