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Seasonal Allergies...Try Something New - Exercise!

Mar 2015

So many of us suffer from nagging seasonal allergies, and all too often we either suffer through them, or take medications to try to reduce the symptoms.

If you have suffered year after year, it's time to try something new!

Exercise has been shown to give short term relief and protect you from serious long term health issues related to those allergies.

Exercise Reduces Inflammation: When you have allergies, the blood vessels in your nose swell, causing congestion. During a workout, your body directs blood flow to the hardworking parts of your body that need it most. The blood vessels in your nose, which are not a top priority, then constrict, easing congestion. This effect typically occurs within five minutes of beginning exercise and can last for several hours afterward!

Exercise Improves your Organ Function: Exercise improves your circulation, improving the functioning of your organs, allowing them to perform their crucial job of keeping your body free of allergens and toxins. The faster those bad elements are "cleaned" by your system, the faster your symptoms improve and you feel better!

Exercise Reduces Stress: Study after study has demonstrated the connection between immune system health and overall stress. Exercise is one of the top stress reducers, and therefore a key element in an overall plan to keep your immune system functioning at its peak level, helping to minimize those seasonal allergies.

Exercise Helps you to Sleep Better: Regular workouts have been shown to consistently increase both sleep length and sleep quality. As sleep is a key factor in body health, improving your sleep leads to a body that is more able to fight, and reduce your allergies symptoms.

Exercise Reduces your Risk of Heart Disease: A shocking study showed that Allergy sufferers are 40% more likely to develop coronary artery disease! A steady exercise program has been shown to greatly reduce the risk of artery disease in allergy sufferers.

Exercising outdoors is a lot of fun...however, during high pollen season, it's best to choose an indoor program that offers a safe, clean, allergy free environment. Pilates in a perfect way to get the exercise you need to reduce your Seasonal Allergy symptoms and improve your long term health!

Don't suffer any longer! – Try Pilates today!

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